What makes a great Notebook gift for a man

Contrary to popular belief, men like to write. They like to plan, argue with themselves, contemplate, make lists, draw up dreams or simply get stuff off their chest.
Nothing beats the old fashion pen on paper system. That is why a personal notebook can be a very important item. 

Some men are happy with a scrap piece of paper to write down lists. But for men that like to do a little extra thinking and writing, a special notebook is what is required.

Notebooks come in all forms and sizes. So deciding on a good notebook can turn into an adventure in it self. 


* * * 

Here are 3 key features to finding a good notebook for him.


Notebooks come in many sizes and shapes, but three are common. A4, A5, A6.

A4 is the larger of the three and is the size of a standard sheet of paper. For those that like to sit at a desk and write, an A4 notebook is best. It's large enough format for long form writing and looks good on a desk.

A4 Notebook by Ted Baker

A5 is half the size of the previous A4. These now become more travel and compact size notebooks to put in a briefcase or bag. If he likes to take his thoughts on the road, an A5 notebook is still big enough to write down long form ideas and thoughts yet compact to fit in bags

A5 Notebook by Ted Baker 

A6 is half again. Smaller than the A5. A6 notebooks are best suited for the man that likes to take lots of notes. Wants to keep his short form ideas always with him. They can fit in jacket pockets and smaller bags.
A6 notebook and pen by Ted Baker

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The touch and feel of a notebook cover makes all the difference. From kraft paper to hard card to leather or plastic. Price always becomes a factor when going from a leather to a plastic cover, but sometimes we don't have to compromise. 

Regardless of the material, the feel and touch plays a very important part. For example, some vegan leather (also known as faux leather) has the feel and look of leather without it being leather. This gives you a lower price point for a similar look. And are a great compromise when considering price and product that looks and feels great.


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There are many, many.. many notebook brands out there. Ranging from style, design, price and quality. For most of us, when looking for a notebook for a gift, all we want is a notebook that looks great, is at the right price point and has a distinctive quality representative of a known brand. 

Notebooks by Ted Baker

The TED BAKER range of notebooks fit right into all these categories. The Ted Baker brand is all about quality, style and name. They know what makes a great notebook for that special man in your life.